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Polenta Polvoron is one of the easiest treats to make at home. This classic dessert loved by every Filipino can easily modify to create new flavors that you will surely love.



  1. Heat the pan in a stove. Toast the all-purpose flour and the Marca Leon Polenta Cornmeal #40 together in the pan until slightly brown. Do not over toast to full brown, this will give a burnt taste.
  2. After toasting the flour, cool in a bowl. Prepare all other dry ingredients. Melt the Marca Leon Margarina in a separate pan under low heat.
  3. Mix flour and other dry ingredients in a bowl. Once all the ingredients are thoroughly mixed, slowly pour the melted Margarina onto the mixture while continually mixing. Add the Margarina until the texture becomes mushy (that of mashed potato). If the mixture is still dry, you can add more Margarina.
  4. Once the desired texture is reached, let the mixture cool for about 5 minutes. Prepare the polvoron mixture for molding. Sufficiently fill mold with the mixture and press to ensure that all spaces are filled. Transfer the molded polvoron to a plate or tray. You can either let it stand for 20 minutes or refrigerate for it to improve its form. There you have it; you can now enjoy your home-made Marca Leon Polenta Polvoron with your family!